Disclosure Data Download Files

Disclosure Data Download makes available daily, weekly, factor, and monthly disclosure information about Ginnie Mae MBS. A user can download an array of investor trading and analysis information.

The following data files are production data:

MBS (Single Family)
File TypeData FileFile Size (Bytes)Last Posted
MBS SF DAILY NEW ISSUES - POOL/SECURITYdailySFPS.zip37,68307/10/2020 5:16 AM
MBS SF DAILY NEW ISSUES - POOL SUPPLEMENTALdailySFS.zip545,45807/10/2020 5:16 AM
MBS SF DAILY NEW ISSUES - LOAN LEVELdailyll_new.zip3,118,61307/10/2020 5:20 AM
MBS SF MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - POOL/SECURITYnimonSFPS_202006.zip83,75407/01/2020 9:23 PM
MBS SF MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - POOL SUPPLEMENTALnimonSFS_202006.zip1,117,61807/01/2020 9:23 PM
MBS SF MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - LOAN LEVELdailyllmni.zip5,179,65907/01/2020 9:15 PM
MBS SF PORTFOLIO - POOL/SECURITYmonthlySFPS_202006.zip11,583,45207/08/2020 5:05 PM
MBS SF PORTFOLIO - POOL SUPPLEMENTALmonthlySFS_202006.zip108,323,82307/08/2020 5:05 PM
MBS SF PORTFOLIO - LOAN LEVEL, GINNIE Illmon1_202006.zip32,509,84907/08/2020 5:20 PM
MBS SF PORTFOLIO - LOAN LEVEL, GINNIE IIllmon2_202006.zip281,469,63807/08/2020 5:21 PM
MBS SF LOAN LIQUIDATIONS MONTHLYllmonliq_202006.zip7,576,07607/08/2020 5:30 PM

File TypeData FileFile Size (Bytes)Last Posted
HMBS DAILY NEW ISSUES - POOL LEVELhdaily.txt223,60607/10/2020 5:05 AM
HMBS DAILY NEW ISSUES - LOAN LEVELhdailyll_new.zip5,777,77807/10/2020 5:07 AM
HMBS PORTFOLIO - POOL LEVELhmonthly_202006.zip15,390,26407/08/2020 5:05 PM
HMBS MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - POOL LEVELhnissues_202006.zip136,08207/01/2020 5:39 AM
HMBS MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - LOAN LEVELhdailyllmni.zip15,928,15307/01/2020 6:08 AM
HMBS PORTFOLIO - LOAN LEVEL, MONTHLY ADJUSTABLEhllmon1_202006.zip420,199,09307/08/2020 5:10 PM
HMBS PORTFOLIO - LOAN LEVEL, FIXED AND ANNUAL ADJUSTABLEhllmon2_202006.zip404,844,29207/08/2020 5:10 PM

File TypeData FileFile Size (Bytes)Last Posted
MULTIFAMILY DAILY NEW ISSUES - POOL/LOAN LEVELmfpldaily.zip5,39907/10/2020 5:20 AM
MULTIFAMILY MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - POOL/LOAN LEVELmfpldailymni.zip31,38207/01/2020 5:38 AM
MULTIFAMILY PORTFOLIO - POOL/LOAN LEVELmfplmon_202006.zip1,875,62707/08/2020 5:30 PM
MULTIFAMILY DATABASEmfdb.zip1,529,98607/10/2020 6:54 AM
MULTIFAMILY PREPAYMENT PENALTYmfppprpt.csv22,50307/08/2020 7:11 AM
MULTIFAMILY PREPAYMENT PENALTY DISCLOSURE DATAmfpppmon_202006.zip4,67207/08/2020 6:45 AM
MULTIFAMILY TERMINATED POOLSmftermpools.zip1,940,64706/10/2020 11:54 PM

File TypeData FileFile Size (Bytes)Last Posted
PLATINUM DAILY NEW ISSUES - ENHANCEDplatdaily.txt007/10/2020 5:14 AM
PLATINUM DAILY NEW ISSUES - COLLATERALplatdcoll.txt007/10/2020 5:14 AM
PLATINUM PORTFOLIO - ENHANCEDplatmon_202005.zip709,02106/10/2020 5:29 PM
PLATINUM PORTFOLIO - COLLATERALplatcoll_202005.zip11,914,58606/10/2020 5:29 PM
HMBS PLATINUM DAILY NEW ISSUES - POOL LEVELhplatdaily.txt007/10/2020 5:22 AM
HMBS PLATINUM PORTFOLIO - POOL LEVELhplatmon_202005.zip1,69306/10/2020 5:29 PM

Factor Files
File TypeData FileFile Size (Bytes)Last Posted
FACTOR A G IfactorA1_202006.zip3,974,26607/06/2020 8:45 PM
FACTOR A G IIfactorA2_202006.zip2,852,02507/06/2020 8:45 PM
FACTOR A PLATINUMfactorAplat_202006.txt700,13107/06/2020 7:58 PM
FACTOR A ADDITIONALfactorAAdd_202006.zip2,851,94007/06/2020 8:45 PM
FACTOR B G IfactorB1_202006.zip4,005,86507/08/2020 7:18 PM
FACTOR B G IIfactorB2_202006.zip2,863,03807/08/2020 7:18 PM
REMIC 1 FACTORremic1_202005.zip490,95306/13/2020 2:28 AM
REMIC 2 FACTORremic2_202005.zip1,365,21306/18/2020 1:58 AM
FRR HISTORY FILESFRR_202006.TXT1,195,34806/30/2020 11:04 PM
SRF HISTORY FILESSRF_202006.TXT424,70406/30/2020 11:04 PM

Other Files
File TypeData FileFile Size (Bytes)Last Posted
ANNUAL WHFIT FILEWHFIT.zip87,296,56401/31/2020 10:05 AM
POOL TERMINATIONS MONTHLYptermmon_202005.txt79,29306/10/2020 5:30 PM
MBS TERMINATED LOANS QUARTERLYliqloanqtr_202006.txt69,81407/10/2020 9:18 AM
GINNIE MAE ISSUER FILEissrinfo_202006.txt735,52807/06/2020 5:40 PM
ISSUER CUTOFF DATE FILEissrcutoff_20200630.txt42,43507/08/2020 11:51 AM
POOL LEVEL FORBEARANCE SUPPLEMENTALplmonforb_202006.zip6,020,13807/08/2020 5:45 PM
LOAN LEVEL FORBEARANCE SUPPLEMENTALllmonforb_202006.zip7,589,22107/08/2020 5:45 PM